Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Whilst i cracked my head to write the oracle scripts, trying to cater all users' requirements (which can be so tricky), she called and blurted, 'The working directory in the Production Server dissapears."

Much to my annoyance. How can a directory suddenly disappears and ... in a linux server ?

I asked her what she's doing prior to the incident, told me that she's just transfering some files, bla bla bla
and then the network went down, and when she reconnects, THE WHOLE damn directory disappeared.

To make my heart boiled even more, she add, maybe due to the connection disruption the directory just vanished.Wohoo, a simple and very self-defensive conclusion. Like don't blame me blame the network. SHIT !

MY MY MY. I have been in the IT industry for quite some time, don't bullshit me for something unacceptable.

Told her to figure it out and don't call me unless she has settled the problem.

See, I am trying to teach her. To come out with a solution. (Actually all the files that's gone missing are backed up in the development server. If she used her brain, she can just simply copy everything over. SIMPLE RIGHT ???)


This morning i called her and asked how's thing. This is what i got. "TAK DE KERJA AKU NAK DELETE."

Some ppl are so arrogant, and with her haughty behaviour, it will take her nowhere.

Let it be then,I told her the solution, a step by step on how to recover everything and hopefully she will learn something.

oh, there is the word "THANK YOU" if you dont know if it ever exists !

Hmm !

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