Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Something I miss

Hari yang sangat memenatkan.

Pagi2 aku dah tercongok kat tempat client. Menanti for a slot to meet the CEO. Apparently he's attending a meeting. OK. Meeting will usually takes like 3 hours, the most 4. AKu pun tunggu punya tunggu dari pagi sampai la ke petang. Finally, at 6.00 pm, the PA called and told CEO now ready to meet me. I rushed down and there's this man i anxiously waiting from morning, puffing in his not so big room.

"Yes, Noorin, mai mai masuk. How can i help you ?"

I gave him my warmest smile and sit in front, inhaling the cigarette smoke lingering in his not so big room. Told him my purpose of meeting him, dia angguk2. We discussed the matter and i was a little frustrated as he can't decide, anything related to payment must have the consent of the BOD. I am not asking for a big chunk of amount, just some portion. Nevertheless i sat thru and we chit chat. All I can say is I enjoyed every moment chatting with him and tak sedar almost 2 hours aku melayan orang tua ni, melayan cerita dari zaman2 dulu, touch a little bit pasal cucu2 dia, then go back to the days when life is much simpler. Sitting in his not so big room i have no option but to also enjoy the smoke from his endless chain-smoking.

I left his room after 2 hours feeling happy, patut aku berduka la sebab tujuan perjumpaan aku tu nak kutip hutang tak terlaksana [pagi ni aku kena menjawab soklan-soklan yang tak seronok dengan BOD aku pulak..huh]. Nevertheless aku realise the 2 hours light chit chat with this funny old man is something that i miss doing with arwah Ayah. Cara dia cakap and his jokes remind me so much of Ayah. :)...hmmmm....

Thinking back of how my day ended yesterday, well.... tak de la teruk mana pun.


Hidup ni terlalu pendek untuk bermuram ... apa2 pun face it with a smile !