Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wah ! Today's date sungguh la cantik.......

Hmm this post tak de nak cerita apa2 jadi today, 20102010 is just like any other day. Sama saja.
My day today starts early at 6 (sometimes 4 - depending on the activity that day). Sementara tunggu mentari naik, i continued with my work (the system project).

The regular chores continue - Imran woke up at 10, bagi dia mandi, bagi susu, then put him in the cradle as i continue with my work.

Buat kerja sampai between bagi Imran his susu (every 2 hours or so)...sampai petang and i am still in front of my laptpop ... dull betul hidup seorang Nen kan ?

So 20102010 ka, apa ka, sama saja for me......


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Just received a call, ada ad-hoc job. A one day job and Alhamdulillah the pay is good !

tu tambah lagi kerja.......mmm makin banyak kerja makin ligat pula nak menulis.

CABARAN betul...



Sekarang ni tengah busy with a new project. A 3 months project. TAK BOLEH delay ! Since now i am working as a freelance, sticking to the project time line is very very crucial, in other words, if terbabas bermakna rugi.

Amidst the kelam kabutness (me trying to re-design the whole system - sbb tahu kelemahan system tu, so this is the time ~ the BEST time to revamp everything), i still want to write. Rite now am writing a 10 chapters romantic comedy that being posted at cari forum (~ Chocolātl + Fwower = LOVE ! ~). But this morning i realise something, i have to stop writing for a while. Kenapa ? Because i need to CONCENTRATE on my system project or else project delay..

Given a choice, i would rather sit down and write - but this one has no income - just pure pleasure (and therapeutic too !) and make someone out there (the reader) happy (it's good , they happy, i'm happy too). Tapi MASA sangat mencemburui aku !

So should i stop writing for just 3 months ? Hmm.... biarkan sekejap soalan tu. Now i should go back to the database design and start WORKING.

oh....i need to come out with the project schedule too....someone is waiting for that since last friday (i dont like to sketch a schedule....aku ni jenis belasah ha ha ha)

tu kan BANYAK kerja and yet i want to write...ok calm down dear things ikut priority list, the PROBLEM with you is, TAK ADA priority, you want to do all in one time. MANA BOLEH !

Hmmm.....breathing deeply and slowly....

Oh now Imran needs my attention :) .. so tunggu kejap database, schedule, cerita.....he's TOP in my priority list of course !

Monday, October 18, 2010

Book Cover

I was contacted by the publisher asking me to come out with a book cover 'design'. Me ? I can write but designing a book cover ? I really thanked the publisher, well at least they let me come out with my own book cover that is to my liking. Alhamdulillah, i was blessed with a pair of hand that can type a book from chapter 1 to the ending but the same pair of hand is so lousy in art. Masa sekolah dulu pun i was never good in art.

Anyway, i googled images from Google and found few nice cliparts. With my limited talent, i did come out with few designs......

Design 1 : ok ok saja....
Design 2 : cute juga with image of three hearts
Design 3 : i like this the best...ada bunny and 3 hearts - dalam my book tu, there's a girl fondly called HunnyBunny by the hero, and that little girl lah yang 'menyatukan' 3 hati.
3 Hearts....


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Muhammad Imran Danial

He's already 2 months. No words can describe the wonderful time i had in these couple of months. He really brings happiness to me. The world stop when i see his smile. Luluh hati melihat senyuman manis Mohd Imran, hilang semua rasa sedih, hilang semua masalah.

Imran ~ Buah Hati Mak !

Hidupkan Balik Le Blog Ni

Pagi tadi aku nak cari resipi brownies, dan teringat kat blog ni, aku ada tempek so that di mana aku berada aku boleh bake...teruk betul kan !

So resipi dah dapat, and aku saja la melayan membaca blog (baca blog sendiri..kah kah kah) dan tetiba aku rasa rindu nak hidupkan blog yang sunyi sepi ni kembali.

Kenapa aku tak update blog ni ? Hmm aku rasa the main reason adalah disebabkan aku skrg ni asyik menulis cerita-cerita - (aku cuba jadi penulis, and as my prev entry - i've published a book), so mainly otak aku ni ligat berputar untuk menghasilkan karya-2 sampai tak ada masa nak jot a simple day-to-day happening in Nen's life. So aku berhasrat la di pagi yang indah untuk menulis kembali di ruangan ini....mencatat hari-hari yang macam2 supaya bila aku boring, i can sit down and read benda2 yang bodoh2(mmg selalu jadi kat aku) and make me smile and wonder, is that me ? hmmm....