Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Butter Prawn - Egg Floss

Kami sekeluarga suka betul dengan Butter Prawns samada di restaurant Siam dan Cina Muslim. Hidangan ini agak mahal oleh kerana udang digunakan. Selalu nak buat tapi failed every time cuba hasilkan egg floss yang cantik macam yang dihidangkan di restaurant.

I've searched in the internet on how to make the egg floss but somehow never get the texture that i wanted. Yesterday morning i googed the reaction of egg and cream of tartar (as in cake making, it will produce lighter cake if the egg and cream of tartar are beat till soft peak), and i found one site on making good scrambled eggs where one of the recipe is just egg and cream of tartar.

"Cream of tartar is an acid powder. Combined with baking SODA it makes baking POWDER. It's placement in scrambled egg recipes stems from its valued use in dessert recipes. The acidic cream of tartar acts to stabilize egg white when they are beaten to form peaks - as in meringues. I had already written the note "Cream of tartar belongs in dessert not breakfast" before I'd tried the recipe. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The recipe I followed instructed using 1/8th teaspoon of cream of tartar per every 2 eggs - no other ingredients - and beat for at least a minute.
The result was surprisingly good. The cream of tartar brought out a richer yellow color to the eggs and the texture was more porous and cake-like. I repeated the experiment again. This time for comparison, I simultaneously created the same recipe without the cream of tartar. There was no detectable difference in taste, but the texture and color of the eggs with cream of tartar were fuller and more pleasing." extracted from MrBreakfast

I have it a try as there is no harm to it. Alhamdulillah, the egg floss turned out as what i wanted. The only slacking is the technique I used, first time i pour the mixture thru sifter and i didn't get thin hair threads. Second time i used piping bag and the results are better.

don't quite get the thin hair threads, I've to improved on the mixture flow thru a perforated spoon or something alike.

I love to share the recipe :)


2 eggs (whole)
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

- whisk for one minute.
- heat up oil (enough for a medium deep frying)
- using a piping bag with a small hole at the end of it, steadily hold it high above the wok and let the egg mixture flow in a steady single stream. At this point use your other hand to vigorously 'scrambled' the eggs.
- fry till golden brown.

For Butter Prawns
- 10 Prawns
- salt
- cili padi
- daun kari
- 1 tbsp

- mix prawns with a dash of salt
- fry the prawns with 1 tbsp oil (depending on the quantity) ; fry just for awhile till the prawns turned red in color
- keep aside.
- in the same wok, put in butter to the oil, fry cili padi, and daun kari, follow by the prawns.
- take 1/2 of the egg floss and 1 tsp sugar, mix it well with the prawns.
- before serve, put the balance egg floss on top.
- serve with hot piping rice !

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